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Who is Rezz?

Who is Rezz

If you’re looking for information on Rezz, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find information about her life and career here.

Isabelle Rezazadeh

Isabelle Rezazadeh, a Canadian DJ and producer, is a rising star. Her track “Chemical Bond” was made to be featured in a Macbook Pro commercial, and she toured the country in February. She will also perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, Colorado.

A native of the Ukraine, she moved with her family to Canada when she was young, and began DJing at 16. Insurrection is her debut EP. She has since released five albums and three EPs. She has earned more than two hundred thousand dollars in sales and has more subscribers than 74 million on her YouTube channel. She was awarded the JUNO Award for the best electronic album.

Isabelle is proud to be part of 2+2 management, a company founded in 1999 by Dove Cameron. She is a member the band and has performed at the Austin City Limits festival. She has also toured the United Kingdom.

Early life

Known for her unique blend of house and techno, electronic music superstar Rezz has built a strong fan base and has earned international recognition. Rezz has headlined major festivals and sold out legendary venues.

Rezz was born in Ukraine, and moved to Canada at the age of sixteen. Rezz was a track and cross-country athlete in high school. She quit competing in track and field, and decided to pursue a career of a musician. She started out producing music on a laptop.

Her early tracks were filled with eerie dubstep sounds and throbbing arpeggios. She describes her style of music as “alien-house” and generally produces her music at 100 bpm.

REZZZ has also released a few full length albums. Mass Manipulation is her first album. It won the Juno Awards for best electronic album. The second EP is “Serenity”.

After releasing her debut album, REZZ signed a contract with deadmau5’s label, Mau5trap. The album was also published on vinyl later that same year. This was the start of a long and successful career for REZZ.


In just four years, Canadian DJ/producer Rezz has found success with her unique electronic dance music. She is a tastemaker and has earned a spot in the pantheon as an electronic artist.

REZZ has a dark, hypnotic sound that’s both ominous and fun to listen to. Her music is both minimalist tech and bass heavy. She is still able to produce a wide range of melodic executions.

“Gremlin” is a departure from the previous work of Rezz. It features some minimalist progressive house elements that make it stand out from her usual grimey beats. It’s impressive as a track due to its heavy percussion and automatic-repeating melody.

Rezz will perform in some her biggest shows ever on a new tour called the “Beyond the Senses Tour”. One of the shows will take place in El Paso (Texas). Los Angeles will host the other. You can find ticket information on the band’s site.

Personal life

REZZ, a musician and edm producer hailing from Niagara Falls (Canada), is the daughter of Iranian/Ukrainian parents. She is the child of Iranian/Ukrainian grandparents. Rezz began creating music on her computer in November 2013. She became involved in track-and-field as a teenager.

She was a big fan of Deadmau5 in her youth. He was the first artist that she saw live and he inspired her to become a music producer. After that, she moved to Canada and joined her family.

After attending a Deadmau5 live performance, she started to DJ and produce her own music. She signed a contract with Deadmau5’s record label.

REZZ has enjoyed a successful career in electronic music since then. Her music is played by many top artists worldwide. She has been honored with the Juno Award for Electronic Album Of The Year.

Net worth

Rezz is a well-known Canadian DJ and producer. His dark, dreary and sinister music is what makes him so famous. He has a net worth in excess of $2 million at the age 26.

Rezz started DJing at the age of sixteen. Rezz’s love for electronic music inspired his desire to create his own music. When he watched Deadmaus5 perform live, he knew that he wanted to do something similar.

Rezz has been a prominent figure in electronic music, having released two studio albums and several EPs. He also has a number of remixes. He has toured with the record label Mau5trap. And he has been featured on a few compilation albums.

Insurrection was one of the first songs Rezz created. He created a music visual for the song and uploaded it to YouTube to promote the album’s release. Rezz released Serenity later that year.

Where is Rezz Next?

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The Controversial Matt Rife

Matt Rife has made waves in comedy thanks to his candid, honest style of comedy. However, some of his jokes have caused controversy – such as making comments that included ableist remarks as well as commentaries regarding domestic violence that caused outrage.

Ryman Auditorium in Nashville has announced it has cancelled two scheduled shows scheduled for June. Matt Rife says he plans to take a two-week break and tickets holders will be reimbursed accordingly.

He’s a TikTok star

Matt Rife has enjoyed great success over the last few years. His first Netflix special, Natural Selection, became the highest-viewed comedy special of 2014 while his Problem Mathic World Tour has sold-out venues all across North America.

However, his TikTok clips don’t live up to their billing; on average the best clips only receive approximately 1 million views. He nonetheless maintains that he has an intuitive sense for what audiences want.

His popularity stems from both his good looks and the fact that straight women flocked to his shows. It’s almost impossible to find a profile without mention of his physical appeal. He and actress Jessica Lord met under strange circumstances in Mississippi, eventually becoming beloved members of the entertainment industry together. Their fans have deep connections to them both; they frequently share moments from their personal lives on social media or make public appearances together at charity events together.

He’s a comedian

Rife hails from a small town near Columbus, Ohio, where he began performing stand-up comedy at 15. At first self-financed, now Rife sells out theaters across North America with sold out performances. Most recently he signed an exclusive Netflix film deal to film two specials and is working on developing an office comedy show for Netflix.

Natural Selection was an astounding success on Netflix and created controversy due to its jokes regarding domestic violence. For example, one particular joke involved him going into a restaurant and noting that its hostess had a black eye; many found this offensive and it caused them to disapprove of him and/or turn them away as female fans of his comedy specials.

This controversy raiseds questions of whether comedy should still be enjoyable if it offends vulnerable groups of people. Matt Rife told Variety he doesn’t worry about offending anyone and believes everything is open for discussion and jokes about.

He’s a social media troll

Matt Rife has experienced an astonishing surge in fame. First gained recognition through TikTok, where he amassed 18 million followers. His comedy routines typically involve crowd work; here he interacts with audience members and discusses their personal experiences.

Natural Selection, Rife’s debut Netflix special, premiered on Nov. 15 and features jokes about social media trolls and spirituality as well as humorous insights into domestic violence.

Rife’s Netflix special has garnered mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some have criticized his selection of topics while others find his humor effective. Rife defended his comedy by noting there should be no off limits when it comes to jokes; in an interview with Variety he even called sensitivity in comedy an outdated notion he doesn’t adhere to! Additionally, Rife claims his comedy wants to appeal both men and women equally.

He’s a father

Matt Rife’s debut Netflix special, Natural Selection, has been both critically and commercially successful; but also controversial. TikTok star Matt Rife made headlines for joking about domestic violence during the show; many viewers accused Rife of disregarding female viewers in his audience and turning away.

Since then, he has issued an apology, noting that it was “untypical of him.” Additionally, the comedian promised not to make such jokes in future.

Rife has found support in Jessica Lord, his girlfriend since mid-2023. They can often be seen together at public appearances such as celebrating his 28th birthday. Rife credits Lord with helping him stay grounded while keeping focus on what’s most important – something Rife cannot always manage alone. They’ve been dating ever since!

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