A Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks provides an unforgettable musical experience, from rock music’s thunderous drumbeats to intimate acoustic performances and everything in between. Its incredible acoustics draw in musicians from around the globe who come for just this purpose – its unparalleled acoustics have brought artists from every continent!

This iconic amphitheater is surrounded by Ship Rock, Creation Rock and Stage Rock; these majestic monoliths were formed over millions of years by nature into their current shapes.


Red Rocks has become an iconic outdoor music venue and National Historic Landmark due to the thousands of concerts held there and millions of visitors, but its history stretches far back before any band took the stage for the first time.

Geological forces brought pieces that absorb sound instead of reflecting it together during an 1870 geological event, creating a stunning acoustic bowl framed by Creation and Ship Rocks. The Ute Tribe used this space for religious ceremonies while as Western expansion spread across Colorado John Brisben Walker staged various musical performances on temporary platforms at this spot.

Denver Parks Director George Cranmer persuaded the city of Denver to purchase this area in 1927 and build a formal amphitheater, employing an architect skilled at incorporating natural acoustics from rocks with formal theater elements for an amphitheater with rows upon rows of steep stone seats and the now iconic stage still there today.

Getting There

Red Rocks concert experiences will forever remain memorable to music enthusiasts, as it blends natural beauty with human artistry in an astounding performance that many music enthusiasts would consider an essential bucket list item.

Make the most of your concert day experience by planning ahead. Allow enough time to find parking and settle into your seat. Space may be available on-site but may fill up quickly during popular shows – consider carpooling or ridesharing to reduce costs and congestion.

Are You Wanting to Beat the Crowds at Red Rocks for Food and Beverage? Bring Your Own! Red Rocks food can be delicious but also expensive. Additionally, due to the venue‘s strict no-glass policy and no cooler policy at this location; bring in your own beverages in a cooler and keep them chilled within it – don’t forget water as altitude may lead to dehydration; alternatively pre-order them through their app which offers another efficient way of bypassing lines!

Performing Arts

Red Rocks draws music enthusiasts of all kinds for its breathtaking performances from bands and artists they adore, providing them with an unforgettable vista from which to watch them perform. Red Rocks Amphitheatre boasts 300-foot monoliths known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock that provide breathtaking acoustics to make this Denver mountain park an unforgettable entertainment venue.

Concerts at The Carolina Theatre range from country music to the Colorado Symphony; while “Film on the Rocks” screenings take place regularly as well as fitness events like hikes.

Visitors Center at Red Rocks Amphitheater offers visitors an understanding of its history while featuring memorabilia from past performers in a room dedicated to memorabilia from their performances. Red Rocks Hall of Fame Inductees span seven decades, representing various musical genres.


Red Rocks Amphitheater, with its perfect natural acoustics and audience capacity of 10,000 seats, has long been considered an essential destination for music enthusiasts. Here, legends perform even when they could easily fill larger venues elsewhere; Red Rocks offers an experience unlike any other that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Since 1906, when Renaissance man John Brisben Walker installed an amphitheater between two monolithic walls – Ship Rock to the south and Creation Rock in the north – of Central Park, concerts have taken place at this site to enjoy its incredible acoustics. Since then, performers of all kinds have frequented it to enjoy its intimate ambience.

Explore Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s geological and musical history at its Visit Center, which offers guided tours as well as a Performers’ Hall of Fame. Or take an on-demand tour during the daytime for an entirely unique perspective – you could even catch a movie during summer’s Film on the Rocks series!