Adele – A Classic Pop Star


Adele is a legendary pop icon. Her powerful, emotive voice and traditional songcraft have propelled her into one of the most beloved performers ever seen today.

At age 18, she graduated from the BRIT School in London. Following that experience, she recorded and gave a demo to one of her friends who then posted it on MySpace.

Her Life

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (born 5 May 1988), better known by her stage name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer-songwriter. Adele rose to fame after the release of her debut album 19, in 2008. This record met with immediate success across the UK and helped propel Chasing Pavements to reach number one on the UK Singles Charts.

Adele is known to take no nonsense from anyone, which likely explains why many of her songs revolve around her personal experiences and heartbreaks. After going through an emotionally draining divorce and an almost fatal throat injury, she has proven her worth as a true artist.

Adele gives hope to the music industry – she proves it is possible for recorded music artists to make money despite a decline of nearly 50% since 2000. A plump girl from north London, Adele makes music that speaks directly to both herself and others, sounding stunning while doing it – that is what truly counts.

Her Music

Adele’s songs address universal emotions that we have all encountered at some point in our lives, with songs like ‘Hello’ capturing that feeling perfectly. She writes from her heart and sings with an expressive and soulful voice ranging from breathy head singing to high mezzo-soprano notes (E5, 10 notes above middle C).

At 16 she wrote her hit song ‘Hometown Glory’ for British series Skins before it was picked up by London record label XL and released as her debut album 19; its success gained worldwide acclaim and earned two Grammy awards (‘Chasing Pavements’ and ‘Make You Feel My Love’) that year as well as performing at the Academy Awards that same year.

In 2012, she co-wrote and recorded the theme song for James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ with Paul Epsworth at Abbey Road Studios in London with an orchestra of 77 musicians, garnering critical acclaim and breaking several music industry sales records in the process.

Her Personality

Adele is one of the most beloved musicians of her generation. She has won multiple awards for both her music and performances, as well as being loved by millions worldwide through her distinctive style and emotive lyrics that touch many. Adele also prides herself on maintaining high moral standards amongst her fan base – something many admire her for.

She is not afraid to take risks or follow her heart, which demonstrates how hard work and persistence can lead to greatness.

Adele has an ESFP personality type, making her very social. These people tend to be highly observant of their surroundings and understand other people’s emotions quite readily; furthermore they’re adept at performing and entertaining crowds with ease.

Her Awards

Adele has earned numerous accolades for her music. With an emotive vocal range that touches listeners worldwide and beautifully written traditional songs that resonate emotionally, Adele has achieved worldwide fame and recognition as an artist.

Adele has received multiple accolades from BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors). She won three awards and nine nominations from this renowned organization.

Adele remains one of the greatest performers of her generation despite taking time away from public view. Her electrifying live shows have won her numerous accolades, such as an MBE in 2013 for services to music.

In 2012, she took home all six Grammy awards she was nominated for, further cementing her place as one of the premier artists of our time. Additionally, 21 would become a diamond record.