Adele Is a Cultural Icon

Adele outshone the competition with her irresistibly charming girl-next-door persona, captivating songs, and dynamic live performances. She broke physical album sales records even in an age when many stars depend on elaborate videos shows and costumes to generate sales.

With her signature mezzo-contralto voice and traditional compositions, she has become an iconic musician.

Her Life

Adele made global waves when her soulful ballad ‘Someone Like You’ from album 21 became a worldwide success and highlighted Adele’s ability to convey emotional turmoil with raw authenticity. Through speaking openly about body issues and postpartum depression, she became a cultural icon – pushing forward what it means to be female in music industry.

Her musical palette ranges from soul and blues styles to emotive vocalise that emphasizes text over melody. Her vocals possess danger; there is an unmistakeable rasp and huskiness to her voice that gives it power. She often recalls her childhood experiences at her comprehensive school in Balham; Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James are some of her main sources of influence, while Paul Epworth, Mark Ronson and Danger Mouse (Bruno Mars) all collaborate regularly with her. Although it took four years between albums 21 & 30, its impact can be felt within songwriting capabilities of both albums!

Her Music

Adele’s first album, 19, was an enormous success. She successfully translated intimate emotional experiences into accessible pop songs with supple phrasing, tasteful arrangements and strong work ethics that earned comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Stevie Nicks. Adele returned with 21 – an album both raw and sophisticated – exploring divorce pains as well as body changes more introspectively than its predecessor.

The resultant album became her best-selling work to date, while 30 is an equally stunning work that resonates with a range of audiences.

Her music transcends cultural and age barriers. Her soaring vocals and emotive lyrics have cemented her place among today’s most revered female artists, inspiring countless aspiring musicians to stay true to themselves as artists while her authentic, genuine voice has reached millions worldwide.

Her Style

Adele has made an indelible mark on the music industry with her soulful, emotive singing and traditionally-crafted music, earning acclaim across multiple music genres. Her success has broken records while her concerts provide transformative experiences for her fans. Adele’s latest album 25, has drawn comparisons to Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand–much to their displeasure–but despite all this extraneous schmaltz she continues to capture millions of casual record buyers’ discretionary entertainment dollars.

Adele has an undeniable sense of style to match her soaring voice, sporting long red locks in both an undulated beehive bouffant or sleek and sculpted styles. When it comes to makeup application she excels with dramatic eyelashes, winged eyeliner, and blush that accentuates her cheekbones. Adele exudes true diva status both on stage and off, wearing everything from Givenchy floor length velvet gowns with lace sleeves to custom iterations of Christopher John Rogers 008 dress for One Night Only specials on CBS.

Her Fans

Adele’s music has inspired fans around the globe to embrace their individuality and follow their hearts. In an age when pop hits are produced at an unprecedented pace, Adele stands out as an artist that consistently creates cultural zeitgeist through her releases – providing delight for listeners everywhere.

As a teenager, she became drawn to R&B music of that era; specifically citing Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys’ Songs in a Minor as influences. Through her emotional music she helped people across the world deal with tragedy, breakups and coming out as gay or bisexual.

Adele engages her audience through interaction. In one video posted to TikTok by fan Juanp Lastra, Adele stopped performing Water Under the Bridge during her Vegas concert to scold a security guard for telling an audience member to sit down. Later, this person thanked Adele on Twitter for supporting them.