Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a British singer-songwriter best known for penning chart-topping singles such as ’19” and “25.” She has released three studio albums over time, such as her most recent “19”.

Her music reflected female rites of passage: she represented 19 through 21 as part of the transition into adulthood and 30 represented her relationship milestones. Her trademark authenticity has inspired aspiring artists.

Who is Adele?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, widely renowned simply as Adele, is an English singer-songwriter renowned for her emotive breakup songs. Additionally, she is also an accomplished pianist and songwriter; winning multiple awards such as a Grammy, an Oscar for Skyfall’s song as well as MBE.

Adele stunned fans in 2021 with the release of her fourth studio album 30, teasers for which were displayed worldwide as well as changing social media backgrounds.

She is a beloved live performer, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Known for her impressive vocal range and musical sensibility, as well as expert handling of large audiences. Her diverse musical tastes range from Amy Winehouse and Erroll Garner to Aretha Franklin as influences, and she can eloquently express human emotions through both lyrics and voice. Furthermore, her distinctive eyeliner flick has become an iconic look all its own.

What is her music?

Adele creates songs that move listeners emotionally. Her soul and blues influences, deeply personal lyrics, and passionate vocalism are reminiscent of Whitney and Aretha vocalists; she can build tension within her singing with just simple chordal structures and her delivery can alternate between dignified and desperate in delivery.

At this juncture, her own pain is at the forefront. She must learn to come terms with both a divorce and child as well as comprehending any guilt she might feel about ending a potentially destructive relationship early.

Becoming a mother has profoundly altered her musical journey. At 30, she now understands more clearly the complexity of emotions, so her voice has become more carefully tailored than it had been previously at 19 or 21. This change translates into her songs themselves with melodious strains falling more like melodious expression than audible wails like Easy On Me.

What is her style?

Adele’s voice is rich and powerful, occasionally with an edgy tone color. She can take her chest voice up high for dramatic effects that resemble vocal fry; this could potentially pose serious health concerns given she has already undergone two throat surgeries.

On the red carpet, she typically opts for classic retro looks to flatter her curves. Black dresses tend to be her go-to option but she recently made waves by opting for an eye-catching jewel-hued satin overcoat featuring an A-line silhouette that showcased her legs – something many would find beautiful indeed!

Her music combines soul and pop, using emotive lyrics and powerful vocals to connect with a wide audience. Her albums 19-21-25 depict female rites of passage spanning teenage life to adulthood transition and love-loss; its effect can often leave listeners stunned or feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Who is her manager?

Jonathan Dickins has assembled Adele her very own A-Team of world-class producers and managers whom she can rely on since recording her debut album 19, in 2008. This has become part of Adele’s trusted circle since it all started back then.

Music executives on Rick Rubin’s team include Richard Russell of XL Records, producer Jim Abbiss (who worked on Adele’s breakthrough hit Daydreamer) and Svengali-like co-founder of Def Jam Rick Rubin.

Adele is a loving mother to Angelo and an active philanthropist outside the workplace. In 2017, Adele married Old Etonian Simon Konecki but the marriage ended shortly thereafter in 2021; later that same month she began dating sports agent Rich Paul after seeing him attend Game 5 of the NBA Finals at The Troxy. Two-Moi rumor mill reported in 2023 that the two had become engaged.