Billy Joel and Sting Co-Headline a Few Dates

These legendary rockers have come together to co-headline some dates. Their first co-headlining gig took place last night at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Sting made an appearance during Joel’s set to perform some of his hits; check out these videos below. This concert was also recorded for a CBS special.

1. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

On Saturday night, The Piano Man brought some magic to Tampa with his opening act “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.” It was an ideal way to show that he’s more than just nostalgic music for one generation; he truly represents all generations with his piano skills.

As soon as the opening chords of this iconic song rang out at Petco Park, you could sense a collective “Wow, this is actually happening” moment and everyone sang along together.

Sting made his appearance to join Joel wearing a classic Sinatra-style suit and hat, sharing stories about their careers while performing some of their biggest hits together, from ’80s rockers like “Fields of Gold” by The Police to classic hits from their own catalogue – it was an experience sure to linger long in people’s memories! Sting will continue touring this summer, performing another joint show in Las Vegas on July 31.

2. Big Man on Mulberry Street

Joel’s piano brought the audience alive as they sang along to his hits like “Only the Good Die Young,” Vienna and Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” All night long, everyone in attendance celebrated together; strangers danced with partners they barely knew, fans hugged each other tight and concession workers sang as they sold churros!

Sting, dressed in an elegant Sinatra-esque suit, performed fan favorites such as “Message in a Bottle” and “Englishman in New York” with passion. His music seamlessly combined influences from reggae, jazz, world music into melodies that resonated with audiences around the globe.

These iconic artists will kick off their co-headlining tour this summer, performing shows in Miami before traveling onwards to Arlington, Texas; Chicago; and Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium (full schedule here). Additionally, Joel will perform several solo concerts including his final residency dates at Madison Square Garden as well as one with Stevie Nicks.

3. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Billy Joel and Sting have long been regarded as fans’ go-to duo, their performances together showcasing their shared musical sensibilities for Beatlesque hooks and Tin Pan Alley melodies. Additionally, both have shown an exceptional ability to seamlessly blend different eras of popular music into their unique sound and thus become one of the most successful pop artists from the latter half of the ’70s.

Joel may no longer possess his signature vocal range of yesteryear, but that didn’t stop him from providing an unforgettable show to Petco Park’s sold-out crowd. Additionally, Joel performed an acoustic version of “New York State of Mind,” with just piano and acoustic guitar as accompaniment.

After Joel had finished performing, Sting joined him for a duet performance of The Police’s “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Fan-recorded videos have since been posted online of this performance; both rockers sounded incredible together, singing chorus parts in unison before taking turns belting out individual parts; fans in attendance felt an incredible sense of anticipation and satisfaction as the stadium filled up with an electric atmosphere of musical enjoyment and appreciation.

4. We Didn’t Start the Fire

Though the light drizzle had turned Petco Park into an ocean of waterproof ponchos, that didn’t dampen the energy in the crowd when piano player/former Police frontman pianist/former Police frontman Elton John took to the stage together for their set “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” leaving smiles all around a testament to how meaningful the experience had been for everyone present.

This song serves as an audio diary from 1949 (the year Joel was born) through 1989, chronicling notable figures and events with rapid-fire delivery of names, places, and cultural works that remain as relevant today as when written. There’s even some categorization within certain lyrics such as Columbine or LeBron James references!