ENHYPEN Are Taking Their Hypnosis to the Next Level With Their Second Mini Album Orange Blood and Sweet Venom

ENHYPEN has had an incredible trajectory in K-pop, much like riding an amusement park ride. They first debuted last November on I-Land, the BTS-inspired reality competition show that pitted trainees against each other in dance, vocal and rap battles. ENHYPEN quickly captured fan attention, landing them a number one debut on Korean charts with EP Manifesto Day 1 as well as winning Rookie of the Year awards at three major music shows in Asia.

ENHYPEN’s rapid rise can be attributed to their infectious energy and ability to connect with audiences, as well as their unique sense of style – which includes dark vampiric themes evident on their latest mini album Orange Blood and title track Sweet Venom.

ENHYPEN’s name symbolizes their promise of “connecting, discovering each other and growing together” just like how a hyphen joins words together to form new ones and meanings; similarly, ENHYPEN members will “join forces to form new ideas and connect in meaningful ways. While still young, ENHYPEN is already making good on its promise: their Border: Day 1 album hit #1 in both Korea and Japan within one week of being released there respectively while simultaneously amassing a large social media following.

At its core, Amor Fati stands as an anchor, not a handcuff. And so the band regularly reminds themselves that each step along their soaring journey was preordained — from I-Land days through world tour Manifesto and now their second mini album release.

As soon as we met up with them in Brooklyn to discuss their album, it became apparent that they’re taking everything into consideration. That’s why this year, they’re taking their brand of K-pop to audiences around Europe and North America so audiences can experience its power first-hand.

While touring in both the US and UK, we met up with each of them individually to learn more about their individual styles, what excites them most about making music, and their plans to develop as artists moving forward.

Heesung: My name is Heesung and I love expressing myself through voice and body performance. Through my work, my goal is to bring people joy.