ENHYPEN Reflects on Their Journey With Orange Blood


ENHYPEN has long established itself as one of the go-to K-pop groups, boasting sold-out tours, hit singles and critically-acclaimed mini albums under their belts. But with their latest mini album Orange Blood set for release on Nov 17th, ENHYPEN are taking time to reflect upon their own journey as artists – with its title track offering both hope and somber reflection on fame’s reality.

Two and a half years have passed since ENHYPEN made their debut on I-Land, the K-pop survival show where they quickly rose to the top seven competitors. Their name ENHYPEN–an acronym of “en dash yen hyphen”–represents their unifying core as their members discover and grow together as one unit. This concept also pervades their music which blends hard rock from the 1970s with Post Malone-inspired hip-hop to produce an exciting and dynamic sound.

ENHYPEN has enjoyed an explosive start as a group, yet remain grounded in their core values and ideals that formed them as individuals. A firm believer of amor fati (Latin for “love of fate”), the septet views their career as an ongoing journey whereby they discover who they truly are through music making and fan support known as ENGENEs (engenders).

That attitude can be seen in their darkly dramatic debut single, Bite Me, which opens with spoken words before breaking out into full song form – much like some of their previous instrumental tracks that eventually evolved into full songs. Tamed Dashed and Mixed Up then take us from darkness into brightness with two songs each that represent both being thrust into the spotlight while staying true to yourself.

The album closes with dreamy tracks like Polaroid Love and Karma, both offering a bright spot in their dark image. Karma in particular showcases aggressive yet fluid choreography reminiscent of 1970s rock’s most memorable moments while at the same time channeling modern indie-pop styles that have propelled MGMT so successfully over recent years.