Jake Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

Boxing icon Mike Tyson will return to the ring this July in Texas to face YouTube star Jake Paul, three decades his junior. The match promises a wide audience, and both men stand to make millions from this event; but some proposed rules for the fight have caused controversy amongst fans; for example, both will use 16-ounce gloves instead of the standard 10-ounce ones typically seen at professional matches and rounds will last only 2 minutes as opposed to three minutes as is typically practiced in professional bouts; furthermore there won’t be official judges present to score this fight – which some feel goes beyond what fans would find acceptable when making plans and investments into these actions in Texas!

Though the fight is controversial, neither man is likely to lose. Both are well-known figures with huge followings online; so this will provide both with an excellent opportunity to boost their profiles and make some cash.

Paul, 27, owns an impressive 9-1 career record with six knockouts to his name. Beginning his career by fighting fellow YouTubers and former MMA fighters before transitioning into traditional boxing styles. Paul lost a split decision against Tommy Fury back in February but has since recorded first round TKO wins against Ryan Bourland and Andre August. Due to being classified as a cruiserweight fighter he needs to gain weight to qualify as heavyweight for their fight with Tyson.

For their fight to be sanctioned as professional contest, both contestants must fulfill a series of additional requirements, such as passing physical tests and providing blood samples. Furthermore, the promoters have arranged for each fighter to undergo testing for banned substances prior to the fight; any findings must then be reported back to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TLDR).

Concerns have been expressed over Tyson, who will be 58 when he faces Paul in a professional fight. A senior lecturer from Anglia Ruskin University named Stephen Hughes warned of potential fatal injuries as Tyson grows older; due to shrinking brains and stretched bridging veins between skull and brain becoming less stable with age; increasing chances of rupture which could result in bleeding on the brain, confusion, neurological disability or even death.

Most Valuable Productions has partnered with Netflix in an attempt to broadcast the fight to a wider audience. Netflix is known for disrupting combat sports with innovative productions and giving young female boxers a platform. Most Valuable Productions hopes this partnership will give ticket sales and television ratings an extra boost; however some experts have raised questions as to whether Netflix should get involved with such controversial events.