Los Temerarios USA Tour 2024

Los Temerarios have made an indelible mark on Latin music for over four decades. Famed for their signature romantic ballad style, fans love witnessing these spellbinding performances live – especially during their USA Tour 2024! Their iconic venues will come together under one musical roof as audiences experience musical magic first-hand!

Adolfo and Gustavo Angel, two brothers who had long desired to make music their profession, first founded Grupero Angel in Fresnillo, Zacatecas in 1977. Although initially starting off as regional acts, over time their talent blossomed rapidly and soon they had established themselves as one of the most sought-after Mexican groups with an unmistakably Grupero sound that blended traditional with contemporary influences. By late ’80s they had become one of the most beloved regional Mexican groups renowned for blending traditional with modern sounds – one that had set apart their reputation from many regional Mexican groups before them.

Los Temerarios have sold millions of albums over their 32-year career and amassed an enormous fan base that spans three continents. Additionally, Los Temerarios have received multiple prestigious honors such as two Latin Grammy Awards and Premio Lo Nuestro award. Furthermore, Los Temerarios have traveled around the globe performing at world-famous venues like Radio City Music Hall and Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Los Temerarios have left an indelible mark on the Grupero subgenre of regional Mexican music with their romantic, emotional ballads. Renowned for their captivating lyrics and powerful tenor voices, songs like La Mujer Que Sone, Tu Infame Engano and Que de Raro Tiene have become timeless classics that continue to delight fans across generations.

Los Temerarios have made significant contributions to Latin culture with their music, fusing traditional and modern influences to form a unique sound. Adaptability while maintaining core sound speaks to Los Temerarios’ talent and longevity; whether playing keyboard-driven cumbia that details urban romantic stories or mariachi songs filled with heartbreak stories – Los Temerarios always delivers.

Los Temerarios stands out as an exemplary group in social activism and giving back to their communities, both musically and otherwise. The band has supported numerous causes including an annual scholarship for arts and sciences studies at universities. Members have also collaborated with numerous community-related organizations like Make A Wish Foundation and Orange Laces which helps children in need of medical assistance.