Matt Rife – A Communist With Wild ‘N Out

Matt Rife is a comedian renowned for his viral comedy clips that have gained him internet notoriety. With over 14 million TikTok followers, Rife has been featured on both Bring the Funny and Wild ‘N Out on NBC.

His most recent Netflix special has drawn considerable criticism due to its humor involving domestic violence victims, while gendered fan bases have also been mentioned as issues.

He is a stand-up comedian

Matt Rife used to perform small shows at low wages, but has quickly gone from that to selling out venues and amassing millions of fans across the world. He credits his success to his perseverance as well as the assistance from his grandfather (who passed away earlier this month).

Rife boasts many attributes to his credit, from his undeniable charm and striking good looks to being in the top ten Netflix specials, but has also faced an unexpectedly strong backlash from critics and haters alike.

Controversies surrounding his humor center around its use that some view as offensive or harmful; for example, using regressive jokes that target groups already vulnerable. His special has created a cultural discussion around comedy’s place within our society.

He is a former contestant on Bring the Funny

Matt Rife of Ohio rose to fame in 2022 when his crowd work clip went viral on TikTok and garnered over 40 million views and five million likes, earning him a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s show as well as releasing a self-produced special on Netflix titled Natural Selection.

This special features both clips of Rife’s audience interaction with him as well as jokes that were more overtly offensive, such as making fun of women with intellectual disabilities or making homophobic comments about masturbating in the shower. Viewers were appalled at this comedian and many called out his offensive humor as unacceptable.

With such an enormous global audience viewing their Netflix specials, it is critical to ensure comedians are actually funny. Unfortunately, Rife seems immune to serious criticism or calls for self-reflection; he defended his controversial comedy and labeled those who disagreed as “haters”. Sasha Ramos from IU’s Ladies Night Comedy group said Rife’s jokes about women weren’t funny at all.

He is a cast member on Wild ’N Out

Rife is an accomplished comedian who has built up a following across multiple comedy shows. His versatility allows him to adapt well to different styles of humor, making him an integral member of Wild ‘N Out. He excels at writing amusing yet insightful jokes for audiences of all kinds, creating memorable characters while keeping audiences engrossed with every performance.

His recent Netflix special, Natural Selection, garnered mixed reviews. Some critics found its material offensive while others were impressed with its overall quality. Overall though, the special was considered a success by any measure and went on to become the highest-rated stand-up special of 2023.

Rife’s comedy draws heavily upon his own experiences and struggles. He can easily connect with his audience and make them laugh at their own mistakes; tours have allowed him to build a large following and attract new ones while creating intimate connections between himself and his fans – essential components in creating trust between audience and performer.

He is a writer

Ohio native Josh Odom first rose to prominence in 2022 after a clip from one of his standup specials was uploaded onto TikTok and quickly went viral, garnering millions of followers and selling out major venues. Odom then self-financed and released Only Fans as his one-hour comedy special and has recently inked an agreement with Netflix to produce two more specials.

Rife’s popularity can be largely attributed to his ability to draw in straight women who flock to his shows for an opportunity to interact with him during his act. His distinctive look has sparked debate about whether or not he has undergone cosmetic surgery; and in 2023, Rife released an independently produced special called Walking Red Flag that featured solely crowd work with him giving out cheeky relationship advice to his fans.

He recently hit the road for his ProbleMATTic World Tour, which has sold out across North America and Europe. However, due to an unforeseen conflict in his schedule, his performances at Indiana Auditorium had to be moved from Feb 14th until May.