Matt Rife – A Netflix Special Review

Matthew Steven Rife is an established stand-up comedian who has released several successful comedy specials and made appearances on various TV shows. With plenty of potential and plenty of experience as an entertainer in comedy shows and specials alike, Rife could easily become one of the big players in the comedy scene.

His new Netflix special, Natural Selection, caught the attention of many social media users. TikTok comedian Drew Afualo quickly responded to Rife’s jokes by responding against misogyny online – drawing comparisons to Rife himself!

What is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an American comedian best known for his success on TikTok and social media platforms like social media platforms such as TikTok. He quickly gained notoriety for his sexy good looks and flirtatious stage presence that attracted a large number of young women viewers. Additionally to standup comedy, Rife also dabbles in acting, appearing in multiple television series and movies as both an actor and host.

Rife has recently established himself as a regular cast member on Wild n’ Out and featured in several small comedy specials. Additionally, he regularly appears on talk show circuit and maintains a popular podcast.

Natural Selection premiered on Netflix November 15 and quickly created controversy for its tasteless joke about domestic violence. He later posted what appeared to be an apology on Instagram story for anyone offended by his joke, suggesting they visit a website selling helmets for people with special needs instead. This response to the special opened up an important conversation on whether comedy can ever truly be entertaining when done at the expense of vulnerable groups of people.


TikTok is an app that enables users to post videos across a wide variety of genres and genres, complete with music and effects for an enhanced video experience. Users can share videos they create as well as comment on each video uploaded – an invaluable way to reach new audiences or build community! However, TikTok has come under criticism due to its use of copyrighted music as well as contributing excessive screen time among young users.

Even as its impact on young users decreases, the app has emerged as an epicenter for viral trends and challenges. Famously known for spreading songs, dances, memes quickly – it has even become a favorite platform among celebrities and influencers to promote their content quickly. Popular among comedians like Matt Rife – for whom it can provide both an audience for their work as well as help launch careers quickly – particularly helpful when first starting out in comedy!

Social media

Matt Rife uses social media as an authentic extension of his personal brand to engage with his audience and produce engaging content that draws them together. Additionally, he hosts charitable events which showcase his desire to have a positive impact on society at large – this serves as a prime example of how comedians can leverage their platforms to build a community of supporters while raising awareness for important causes.

Matt Rife showcases his comedy talent by posting short videos with high engagement rates to platforms like TikTok and OnlyFans, connecting directly with his fan base and expanding their fan base. By advertising his comedy specials via these platforms, Rife can reach more people and expand his brand.


Rife rose to fame in 2022 by posting videos of his crowd work to TikTok and garnering over 18 million followers as a result. Now his first Netflix special has debuted and Rife does not hold back from taking aim at any topic ranging from protection crystals to social media trolls in this hilarious comedy special.

Natural Selection was widely criticized following its broadcast, particularly for containing insensitive and offensive jokes about domestic abuse victims. Linda Mizejewski of Ohio State’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department and Hayden Moncada from the Buckeye Standup Comedy Club both addressed the situation directly in response.

Mizejewski believes that although Rife’s rise on TikTok may have increased his fame, this should not mask his lack of talent or unpreparedness for larger audiences or public scrutiny.