Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks is one of the world’s premier music venues, boasting both geology and music as its hallmark features. Set against stately monoliths called Ship and Creation Rock, this stunning geologic feature has seen everything from U2 concerts to classical symphonies to rock’n’roll.

But the acoustics can work against artists, as evidenced by the harsh voice of experimental singer-songwriter PJ Harvey.

The History

John Brisben Walker began hosting musical performances between Ship Rock and Creation Rock to take advantage of their amazing acoustics, eventually coining this area “Garden of the Titans.”

Red Rocks Amphitheatre later gained its name when Denver “purchased” it in 1927 and began construction of a permanent amphitheater through programs such as Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration – two Depression-era public work relief initiatives.

Red Rocks is one of the premier outdoor music venues in America and attracts artists from every genre to perform there. Classic rockers such as Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead to new-age piano tinklers regularly frequent this natural amphitheater to experience its unaltered soundscape.

The Geology

Red Rocks’ 300-foot sandstone walls form part of the Fountain Formation. This massive uplift was known as Laramide orogeny and also led to today’s Rocky Mountains being created.

Red Rocks Park boasts formations which lean backwards or slope up to 90 degrees, including Ship Rock and Creation Rock which are taller than Niagara Falls. You may also spot fossils or dinosaur tracks throughout its grounds.

Red Rocks draws visitors who come for more than concerts; its natural beauty offers more than a stage alone. Red Rocks features hiking and mountain biking trails, pine forests, wildflowers and wildlife – plus inspiring downward dog classes such as Yoga on the Rocks! Open hour before sunrise until an hour after sunset each day of operation (excluding Christmas Day ).

The Acoustics

Red Rocks’ legendary venue stands out for its near-ideal acoustics. The towering sandstone monoliths sculpted by nature provide natural acoustic reflections unique to this location; unlike most indoor venues, however, Red Rocks doesn’t contain upholstery, carpeting or railings to interfere with sound waves and block out soundwaves.

This allows musicians to perform in a very natural and organic setting, without their music becoming lost amid their surroundings. Furthermore, clear lines of sight to the stage ensure every audience member can clearly hear what’s being played.

Kaleo mesmerized their audience with their blend of Icelandic culture and rock fervor. When their set ended, “Oil & Water” was performed as their closing song – something fans claimed had never happened at Red Rocks before!

The Venue

Red Rocks is an iconic outdoor concert venue, boasting breathtaking scenery and world-class acoustics that have attracted some of the biggest names in music to perform here. Red Rocks is truly one of America’s premiere outdoor concert destinations! Here, some of their biggest acts have made an unforgettable mark upon this breathtaking venue.

No matter what draws you here, whether its geology or music that strikes a chord. Enjoy hiking through this National Historic Landmark park or stop in at its museum and Colorado Music Hall of Fame to be amazed by what awaits.

Bring along a picnic, nonalcoholic beverages and blankets for movie night! Be sure to enter through the Upper North lot (also used by limousine parking) so as to avoid long and winding entrance lines; there should be ample parking, however get there early as spaces fill quickly!

The Views

Amphitheater walls tower higher than Niagara Falls and feature slopes, tilts and cracks that bear witness to their 16 million year history. Many formations within these sandstone walls have names; Ship Rock on one of its southern walls resembles a ship while Creation Rock stands tallest of all.

Red Rocks’ main draw may be concerts, but this National Historic Landmark also offers summer workout series, yoga classes and film nights featuring cult classics. Additionally, its free-entry Visitor Center showcases its history through photos, displays and a Performers Hall of Fame.

Get the ultimate experience when you attend one of the legendary venues. Rock icons like Bleachers or metal icons Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse will leave you speechless; their performances cannot be replicated at regular outdoor venues.