Red Rocks Amphitheatre

red rocks amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver, Colorado, is an incredible natural rock amphitheater renowned for its incredible acoustics and breathtaking natural surroundings. This natural amphitheater has hosted concerts and music festivals of every kind over its nearly 60-year history – some of which featured some of the greatest live albums ever released! Artists regularly return here even when larger stadiums would more efficiently fulfill their booking requests; performing here offers them an experience unlike any other!

Mother Nature took millions of years to form this amphitheater’s massive sandstone formations, which contribute significantly to its unique sound. Visitors to this park can also take part in hiking, picnicking and other outdoor activities available throughout the year.

The amphitheater itself was constructed in 1936, with assistance from the Civilian Conservation Corps. It features two prominent rock formations known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock that are tilted at steep angles for added dramatic effect.

Though rocks provide the theater with incredible acoustics, they have also caused trouble during some shows. One concert had to be cancelled after fans threw beer cans at the band; another incident involved an angry mob that destroyed and rioted during Jethro Tull performance – although these incidents are becoming less likely as promoters and police have learned how to control crowds at the theater.

Red Rocks not only offers amazing acoustics, but its expansive space also possesses an air of drama which makes it the ideal location for live performances. The stage is surrounded by enormous rocks which offer an almost cinematic background for musicians performing. Furthermore, its enormous crowd size and closeness of audience members to performers creates an intense environment at Red Rocks.

Many concerts at this amphitheater are recorded on vinyl, and there is a museum dedicated to its history with exhibits and memorabilia from legendary acts that have played here – making this site an absolute must for music enthusiasts traveling through Colorado.

Red Rocks Amphitheater should be on everyone’s bucket list, whether it’s to see a concert or simply take in its stunning scenery. Locals frequently come early with coolers of food to enjoy in the parking lot before attending shows – this saves them money on costly and overcrowded food options at Red Rocks itself. Note that alcohol is not permitted within its walls but available from concession stands outside its entrance, making Red Rocks an excellent spot to celebrate birthdays or special events such as weddings – make sure you check their website for more details and updates!