Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an iconic national historic landmark, having hosted performances by legends as well as modern icons alike. Take some time to explore this historic venue – be sure to see a concert or take in one of the Film on the Rocks films, plus explore all its trails!

Experts consider the first-15 rows of an amphitheater as being the optimal place for viewing, as winds can displace sound to higher sections making their enjoyment lessened.


Red Rocks amphitheater has long been revered as an ideal setting for music enthusiasts and bands to perform and experience concerts of various kinds – rock, blues and classical performances have been hosted here, with some of today’s biggest stars making their first performances there.

John Brisben Walker first proposed using the site as a concert venue when he began inviting musicians to perform on temporary platforms in the early 1900s. Over time, Walker convinced Denver city leaders that these rocks could serve as outdoor theater.

Construction on an amphitheater began in 1936 after City Parks Director George Cranmer obtained approval from US Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes to use Civilian Conservation Corps funds for its creation. Construction took five years, with local architect Burnham Hoyt designing it after Taormina in Sicily for inspiration – complete with main stage and rows-upon-rows of stone seating areas.

tickets” target=”_blank”>Concerts

A concert at this 9,500-seat theater outside Morrison can be the highlight of any trip to Colorado, and tickets to one of its 200+ performances annually is an experience you won’t soon forget. Renowned acoustics make this venue unforgettable; artists including U2, the Samples and O.A.R have recorded shows there that will live long in memory.

Red Rocks may be best known as the site for concerts, but its geological wonder offers visitors many other activities besides concerts. Visitors can test their endurance running up and down its steps; hike Trading Post Trail; or wander Red Rocks Park where there are trees, wildflowers, wildlife habitats and dinosaur fossils to be admired.

And don’t miss your chance to catch a flick on the giant outdoor screen at the amphitheater’s entrance! Film on the Rocks events showcase classic movies; an unforgettable sight was when an elegantly-mustached Bono belted out “Sunday Bloody Sunday” against a backdrop of fog-wreathed trees!

Amphitheater Seating

Red Rocks Amphitheatre stands out from most venues with its unusual seating arrangements: continental seating with no center aisle allowing audiences to be closer to the stage and making use of natural acoustics of rock formations for optimal acoustics.

The venue can hold a maximum capacity of 9,525 and features 70 rows of seats, each designed to give visitors an optimal view of performers onstage. Some seats may provide better vantage points for certain performances than others – if you wish to secure one of those better spots in front, plan to arrive before doors open so as to secure your place!

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre’s parking lot is a favorite spot for tailgating before events. At an elevation of 6,000 feet, bring sunblock and comfortable shoes as well as water bottles, seat cushions, snacks and water. Note that Red Rocks only allows sealed non-alcoholic beverages (32 ounces or less) into its stadium; no outside alcohol may be brought in.

Getting There

Be sure to arrive with enough time in hand, whether driving yourself or using an Uber/Lyft rideshare service like Lyft/Uber. Parking spaces fill quickly! Additionally, please be mindful that some lower lot areas might require an additional trek from there to reach Red Rocks venue.

Red Rocks will certainly get your heart beating faster, but the nearby trails provide even more breathtaking scenery and workout opportunities. Try the Trading Post Trail for an effective thigh-burning workout or bring along your yoga mat for some amazing downward dog poses with stunning vistas.

If you prefer not to drive or take rideshare services, one of the easiest and best ways to reach Red Rocks is with a Denver shuttle bus service like Denver Ride. A shuttle can pick you up at any bar, restaurant or designated pickup point before returning you after the show has concluded. Their round trip transportation to Red Rocks from anywhere within Denver area accommodates groups from 3-12 passengers! Book your ride now!