Rezz Biography and More!

Rezz Biography

If you’ve not heard of Rezz then you’re losing out on some amazing facts. It’s essential to know everything you can about Rezz from her early days to her current position in the music industry. We’ll discuss her musical career, tours as well as concerts and other events. Continue reading to discover some of her most interesting facts! Don’t overlook her new music video! Definitely worth the time!


REZZ has a large fan base. He has sold out legendary venues such as Red Rocks, headlined top festival stages across the world and has even appeared on with a Billboard cover. His distinctive sound blends techno and bass, with minimal production and is quickly growing in popularity. He has released a number of studio albums and is currently preparing to release his next. The Phoenix New Times offers an itinerary of his concerts.

The undisputed leading electronic music producer in the world, REZZ has topped festival lineups with the likes of Diplo, Marshmello, ZEDD, and many more. She has performed at important festivals around the world like Electric Forest, Coachella, and Austin City Limits. People are enthralled by the tiny-framed artist, and her live performances have gained her an online following as well as a cult following. The music and her visuals are awe-inspiring and her performance is captivating.

REZZ’s repertoire of concerts is growing by selling out her tour in fall 2018. She will play at Red Rocks, Colorado, and will play two nights at The Shrine in Los Angeles. Vivid Seats is currently offering tickets for these shows online. You’ll enjoy a unique experience, even though the highest priced seats in the front row aren’t cheap. Tickets for VIP meet and greets and tickets for the center stage are among the most expensive.


The first music REZZ recorded was created on a laptop before being uploaded to Soundcloud which quickly became a huge online sensation. Toronto-based artist REZZ was heavily inspired by EDM artists like Skrillex or Deadmau5. After signing with the label NEST, he released his debut EP , which gained a large following. After the release of his first EP, NEST signed him up and released two albums that were full length.

Rezz was born in Ukraine, in 1995. Rezz was born in Ukraine around 1995. The singer released “Insurrection,” his debut EP, in 2015. Rezazadeh was signed to the Deadmau5 record company Mau5trap in 2016 and then released “Mass Manipulation,” her debut album of her own. The album she is currently working on, ‘The Silence Is Deafening is due out later this year.

Born in the Ukraine, Rezz moved to Canada when she was just sixteen years old. She first discovered Deadmaus5 while watching the Olympics and was later driven to create her own music. Skrillex found her blog and reached out to her via Twitter. It was the rest. Rezz is only twenty years old, has built an impressive career as an EDM musician. Rezz’s biography will be interesting when you’re interested in electronic music.


The band‘s Tour de Rezz will kick on February 4, 2022 at Vancouver’s PNE Forum. The tour will stop in various iconic venues across North America, including the Masonic Temple in Detroit, the Navy Pier in Chicago, and Terminal 5 in New York City. Alongside REZZ and other artists included on the tour are Wreckno, A Hundred Drums, and Kasablanca. To ensure that they don’t skip the shows fans are advised to be aware of the schedule of the band.

REZZ has revealed the dates for her North American tour, “Spiral” following her performance at the FVDED Presents Vancouver show. The tour is to promote her new album and will feature a brand-new stage production that has been receiving praise from fans. The other bands on the tour include Eprom, Of The Trees, Kasablanca, and Canabliss. The group will release a brand new song entitled “Let Me In” to honor her Tour de Rezz.


Rezz’s musical biography is an interesting one. Rezz began making music on his laptop, then uploading the songs onto Sound Cloud. The singer released “Insurrection,” his debut single in July 2015. He was signed by Deadmau5’s record label. In August, he launched his second song, “Serenity,” which was performed later at the We Are Friends compilation album of the year 2015.

Rezz was a track and field athlete, and attended raves across North America while in high school. Rezz started making music in the month of November and is able to be seen spending up to 14 hours a day in it. He is a sun-hat wearer and is of the opinion that hypnosis is a key ingredient in his music. The music has been described as “alien” by the artist, who cites Deadmau5 as an influence and Gesffelstein. His music is typically produced at a 100-bpm and has received widespread critical applause.

The artist’s biographical information is incomplete. Even though she’s an Canadian citizen, Rezazadeh was born in Ukraine and was raised by a Persian-Ukrainian mother. As a child, she moved to Canada and worked in the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls. She was later fired to attend shows and festivals. She was a part the Toronto electronic music scene which influenced her gritty style that she incorporates into her music.


Festivals of Rezz shouldn’t be missed. REZZ is a Canadian electronic DJ and music producer, popularly known under her stage name Rezz. The performer has sold out famous venues such as Red Rocks and graced Billboard’s cover with her unique sound. Her fans are so passionate about her, she’s earned her a a cult following of over 20K followers on social media. She is known for her mind-blowing live performances that are visually amazing and hypnotic.

The ever-popular festival will be celebrating its sixth anniversary in 2020 and is the ultimate destination for those who love bass. The headliners are Rezz, SLANDER and Subtronics. SVDDEN DEATH founder Liquid Stranger, Zeds Death, Zeds Dead, and Subtronics are also present. The full lineup is listed below. To excite the crowd, there are a variety of electronic and indie acts in the lineup.


As a child, Rezz was inspired by the music of Deadmau5. At the age of 16 she started DJing, playing the music of other artists. She was inspired by her own music after she watched Deadmau5 perform live. Skrillex found her and reached out to her via twitter. Rezz began putting his music online around this time. When she reached the age of sixteen she was already able to master the basics of DJing.

The 21-year-old Rezz began producing music on his laptop. He also spent hours editing music videos. Rezz released his first EP “Relax” on OWSLA in the year 2016 after receiving feedback from Skrillex. Rezz signed later to Mau5trap, a record label run by Deadmau5. In August 2016, Rezz released his second single, “Mass Manipulation.” The single was released on Vinyl in October of 2017.


Rezz is an Dutch electronic musician who started to produce music in November 2013. In high school, he was a participant in track and field. He also went to raves throughout North America. He spends about 14 hours every day making music. In reference to his interest in hypnosis his signature look is a pair glasses. Rezz is known for his unique house sound and prefers music that has an average of 100 BPM.

Rezz is an electronic music producer who learned her trade on her own. Her debut EP was released in the year 2015, “Insurrection,” and signed to the record label Mau5trap which is owned by famous DJ Deadmau5. With hits such as “Purple Gusher”, as well as “Selector,” her music has gained her international recognition in the world of dance music.

Rezz was born in Ukraine and grew up in Canada. Her parents are Iranian and later relocated to Canada with her family. In Niagara Falls, she worked initially at Hard Rock Cafe. However, she was fired from her position when she began going to concerts. She was at Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar concerts. She also received the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year.


Rezz was described as a teen human DJ who was alien to us. He began DJing when he was 16 years old. Inspirated by a live performance by deadmau5, Rezz began creating his own music. After receiving some notice from Skrillex the producer, he debuted his debut EP, entitled Insurrection, in 2015. This led to more attention and a contract with the legendary producer. Rezz’s second EP, The Silence is Deafening was released in 2016. The album gained huge popularity.

Rezz has been making music for two years. Her debut album, A New Beginning, was released in 2012, but it wasn’t given the recognition it merited. Following her signing with Deadmau5’s Maustrap imprint, she’s released two singles: There’s Something Wrong Here and Silence Is Deafening. The singer will also perform at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado.

Rezz is a Canadian DJ and electronic music producer who is from Niagara Falls. Her dark, bass-heavy, and trippy music is what makes her stand out. She is currently based out of Toronto, Rezz has released many EPs. Her latest album, entitled Insurrection, has gained worldwide attention. There are some facts you need to know about Rezz before you purchase her album. Rezz’s music store online is a great place to start in the search for an emerging electronic artist.