Savannah Bananas – What You Need to Know Before You Go

Savannah Bananas

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are you’ve come across clips of Savannah Bananas players swinging flaming baseball bats or pitching from stilts – a testament to their unique approach to baseball and not their antics alone! Their fame stems not just from antics alone; rather their team has garnered attention thanks to its distinctive approach.

Savannah Bananas have transformed professional baseball into something enjoyable once again as a traveling professional baseball team. Led by owner Jesse Cole and his Bananas, these traveling baseball games emphasize entertainment while moving at a rapid pace of play using their unique “Banana Ball” rules system.

This spring, the Bananas are coming to Wisconsin for a three-game series at Grayson Stadium and online streaming. If you plan to attend in person or simply tune in from home, here are a few key facts you need to know before attending or watching from home.

One of the first things you’ll notice when arriving at a Bananas game is everyone wearing yellow tuxedos and banana suits – an impressive sight at any game! Cole and his staff want more than to simply set an attendance record with this stunt; they hope to create an immersive fan experience that makes their team more than just another team on the field.

Cole owns both teams. Throughout their season, The Bananas face off against Cole’s Party Animals touring team while also participating in “Challenger” games against other professional teams to offer something different to fans and players alike. No matter who their opponent may be, however, every Bananas match promises to be entertaining and unforgettable experience!

Bananas players take steps to reduce dead time that can leave fans looking at their phones, including using several rules that make the game more dynamic. A batter cannot leave his batter’s box mid-bat, there are no mound visits, and running clocks during games to keep things moving quickly.

The Bananas’ approach to baseball has struck a chord with fans, drawing in crowds that have reached over 5,000 people at times. At one recent game there was even an enthusiastic and diverse fan base coming all the way from Melbourne Australia! Even during rainy conditions there was still entertainment galore, such as an acoustic guitar concert by Bananas infielder Dalton Mauldin at home plate before an early wrestling-type weigh-in between Party Animals and Bananas and lineup line dancing Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back”.

All baseball fans appreciate having an enjoyable baseball game experience, and the Savannah Bananas make it easier than ever for fans to do just that. When visiting a baseball park next time, try imitating Michael Jackson by singing along to the chorus and dancing around in your seat – they can teach you all you need to know!