The Savannah Bananas Become a World Famous Baseball Circus

As soon as minor league baseball departed Savannah after 2015 season, Jesse Cole took a bold step to keep its baseball presence thriving – not just through his pro team known as the Bananas playing “Banana Ball,” which will hopefully spread throughout professional ballparks next year, but also with Grayson Stadium, an iconic ballpark from yesteryear that hosted both Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth during exhibition games as minor leaguers; Jesse Cole transformed Grayson Stadium into an amazing baseball circus that sells out every game on tour!

What fans get out of $25 tickets and an abundance of baseball is something unreplicable: an atmosphere of exhilaration and spontaneity. Players perform dance routines and stunt displays during innings – one 10 footer named Dakota Albritton even performs a back flip off of pitcher’s mound! Additionally, Banana Baby (similar to Simba from “The Lion King”) is presented to the audience while senior citizens known as Nanas perform an eye-catching breakdancing routine that would get them beaned by big leaguers!

Even amid all of their jokes and mischief, it’s impossible to overlook their serious business at hand. With over 2.8 million followers on TikTok promoting games while inviting fans to create dance videos themselves and join in the fun, Cole and his staff are constantly looking for ways to expand the franchise further.

Many of the Bananas’ players are former competitive baseball players who have come to realize that competing solely in one of the independent professional leagues no longer fulfills their desire for entertainment. Pitcher Christian Dearman first began as a catcher in one of these independent leagues before finding that their repetitive nature bore him. “I’ve always loved baseball, but that may not be what’s attracting people here,” Dearman remarks.

The Bananas face the greatest difficulty promoting their game through word of mouth and social media marketing; but finding their niche can be challenging for a small club like them. Over time, though, they’ve developed a loyal fan base who are eager to see more games at Bananas Stadium – Cole describes their efforts to ensure “fans have an enjoyable experience and keep coming back as we try our hardest at what we do. I think they’re really responding.” Cole could well be onto something: big league teams could learn something from Bananas!