Tiny Desk Quarantine: Norah Jones

Norah Jones

Norah Jones brings her intimate sound to NPR Music’s studio for this calming edition of Tiny Desk Quarantine series, alongside multi-instrumentalist Leon Michels of El Michels Affair.

Norah first came onto the world scene with 2002’s Come Away With Me and has since demonstrated her eclectic musical stylings by mixing jazz, traditional vocal pop, country, and contemporary folk into her compositions. visions was recorded during COVID-19 pandemic.

Born Geetaly Norah Jones Shankar

As many 20-somethings contemplate their futures, success and fulfillment in their chosen fields often come to mind. Norah Jones has achieved all this and more while remaining grounded and authentic.

Born Geetali Norah Shankar to Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar and concert promoter Sue Jones in Manhattan, New York, she later adopted the stage name Norah Jones at age 16. Jones studied piano at University of North Texas, where she met fellow student Jesse Harris – guitarist who convinced her to record her album.

Norah Jones’ debut album Come Away With Me was an unexpected sensation and critical darling, winning critical acclaim and receiving critical acclaim for its beautiful blend of mellow acoustic pop and jazz influences. She received several accolades, including a Grammy Award nomination as Best New Artist, since then releasing eight more albums that transcend genre barriers, reaching people from different walks of life; connecting deeply with audiences while offering solace and inspiration through songs that transform and uphold souls alike.

Geetaly Norah Jones Shankar was born on March 30, 1979 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York.

Norah Jones is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter who has sold millions of records worldwide. Her music draws influences from multiple genres – jazz and country among them – which come together with her signature vocal style to form music that transports audiences on an emotional journey. Her goal has always been to produce pieces with meaning for listeners.

Jones has appeared on many albums by other musicians, such as OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below and Joel Harrison’s Free Country (a collection of jazz interpretations of classic country songs). She plays piano and cello; additionally she works with her own band featuring guitarist Jesse Harris, bassist Lee Alexander, and drummer Dan Rieser.

Jones has made several television appearances. She landed a cameo role in 2012 movie Ted and performed on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode Manhattan Vigil of Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Additionally, Jones collaborated with Seth MacFarlane on his 2011 debut studio album Music Is Better Than Words; currently living with two children in Brooklyn New York.

Geetaly Norah Jones Shankar is an American singer-songwriter.

Norah Jones has emerged as one of the most beloved musicians of this century with her soothing voice and introspective songwriting, making her one of the most acclaimed musicians of our era. Her debut album Feels Like Home (2004) received both critical acclaim and commercial success – making her an instant star. As well as releasing solo albums, Norah has collaborated with artists like Ray Charles and Outkast – becoming an ever-more familiar face across media platforms.

Norah’s music has continually evolved with each release, incorporating various genres and styles. Her fourth studio album The Fall (2009) explored failed relationships while featuring moody electric instrumentation. Working with producer Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse resulted in two darkly-textured releases: Little Broken Hearts (2012) and her most recent – Day Breaks (2016).

Norah has evolved musically throughout her musical journey to demonstrate an intimate understanding of how music and storytelling connect, creating lyrics which reflect human experience while evoking emotions within her audience. Her dedication to her craft has earned her worldwide renown and has garnered her international acclaim.

Geetaly Norah Jones Shankar is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter.

Geetaly Norah Jones Shankar is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She has earned two Grammy awards, selling over 18 million albums worldwide since her birth in New York City and upbringing in Grapevine, Texas where she attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts before later enrolling at University of North Texas to study jazz piano.

Attracting immediate notice with her 2002 debut album Come Away With Me, which blends jazz and folk music, it became an immediate success and led to subsequent albums such as Feels Like Home and The Fall.

Jones strives to craft music that speaks to universal human experiences such as love, loss, longing, and reflection through emotive vocals and powerful lyrics that resonate deeply. She has collaborated with other artists such as Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and singer-songwriter Robert Glasper; most recently her latest release was Begin Again in 2019.