What Makes Adele So Popular?

Adele has become one of the world’s biggest celebrities due to her powerful vocals and catchy hits that have gained her critical acclaim and immense fame.

Born and raised in London, she attended the BRIT School alongside artists like Leona Lewis. Through posting demos on MySpace she was discovered and signed by a record label.

1. Her voice

Adele is a singer known for her dynamic, emotive performances. Although there may be weaknesses in her technique (and well-documented vocal cord problems due to oversinging), her voice remains an incredible instrument.

Adele can hold notes [Skyfall], sing melisma [First Love], and jump octaves [Hometown Glory], but often opts for a simpler vocal approach, keeping lyrics easily understood at the forefront of her sound.

Her lower register is full of substance and full of character; while her upper voice boasts a breathy quality that adds an edge to her sound.

What sets her apart, however, is her masterful manipulation of tone and colour. She can switch seamlessly from portraying scornful ex-girlfriend to heartbroken lover to soul searching sweet-wife with ease.

2. Her lyrics

Adele stands out amongst her peers – Madonna, Michael Jackson and Miley in particular – with her highly expressive lyrics which often capture her music perfectly. But that may only be considered beneficial as Adele is known for being equally provocative when singing herself.

She has a gift for harnessing raw emotion into polished prose that remains authentic to herself despite enduring grief and heartbreaking break-ups throughout her lifetime. Her trademark authenticity has been hard won through tragedy.

Adele displays this quality on 25, drawing upon gospel influences while crafting songs that are both heartbreaking and pop delights. From Costello-inspired Shipbuilding track or Cohen-influenced Famous Blue Raincoat, her lyrics always provoke thought and are beautifully composed – this has helped Adele ascend into one of the great living songwriters, not needing videos or spectacle to build her audience like other major pop stars do.

3. Her style

Adele exudes an easygoing demeanor that serves her melancholic love songs well, creating an experience most people can identify with. Adele represents an ordinary girl with a good heart who just happens to have the voice of an icon.

Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, and Shania Twain have all demonstrated the ability to deliver emotionally charged power ballads soulfully sung – but few can rival Adele in doing it with such grace and honesty. Adele stands out with her smooth phrasing and tasteful arrangements as much as with her ability to transfer personal feelings into universal themes.

At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, “Rolling in the Deep” singer Adele donned a mod-glam look in a tea-length black dress featuring printed bib and her classic smokey eye with mile-long lashes. Additionally, she chose diamond earrings and a side pony for an elegant finish – quite an upgrade from her first performance in 2008 in a white T-shirt and jeans ensemble!

4. Her popularity

Adele is one of the world’s most beloved brands, rivalling that of Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. A multi-platinum recording artist with record breaking cumulative sales numbers.

Adele Adele Adele Adele Adele Adele Adele Adele Adele was born in Tottenham and raised in Brockwell Park (Rixton and West Norwood) before attending BRIT School to study music. In 2006 she recorded and posted her demo onto MySpace which later caught the attention of hip indie label XL Records, who forwarded it onto Jonathan Dickins, her manager.

She can often be humorous and pottymouthed during interviews, cackling and swearing to her own amusement. She is also adept at public relations work – whether eating blindfolded for British Vogue or spilling her tea all over James Corden during Carpool Karaoke. Her faux clumsiness has become her trademark but she’s also well known for her high fashion and celebrity friendships; in fact she even has her own makeup artist who filmed a tutorial so fans can recreate her look!