Who is Adele?


Adele is an outstanding example of an intelligent millennial and online researcher. Unlike some celebrities (cough, Kim Kardashian), Adele does not use her platforms to promote fitness teas or fake engagement stunts.

Adele made a triumphant return in 2021 with her third studio album, 30, which immediately topped charts and sold millions of physical copies.

She’s a singer

Adele’s voice is powerful and expressive, boasting its trademark mix of timbres and colors that has made her one of the most beloved voices of her generation. Furthermore, she uses her instrument in an effective manner as she uses it as an emotive character singer able to use voice to convey emotion.

She is also an accomplished songwriter; her first album, 19, was written almost entirely by herself and inspired by songs she heard while growing up. Her second release, 21 became even more successful and reached number one in 26 countries to become the best-selling album of the 21st century.

Adele has won multiple Grammy Awards for her music and is also a dedicated philanthropist, having supported various charities throughout her career. In 2017, Adele married charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki and they now share one son together. Adele serves as an Ambassador for UN Women as well as being a beloved actress having appeared in multiple movies as both British citizen and dual US nationality citizen.

She’s a songwriter

Adele is one of the most beloved singers and songwriters of her generation, known for her emotive vocals and traditional songwriting that are heavily influenced by singers such as Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. Adele stands out as an extraordinary talent who writes songs both beautiful and meaningful – an unmatched combination!

Her ability to connect with people was due to her honesty and willingness to be vulnerable – an invaluable lesson for business leaders who use their voice to inspire audiences. It is vitally important that leaders stick to their message without deviating off course.

Although popular, some still question her authenticity while others consider her success a miracle. Yet she has built her own A-Team and remains a formidable opponent with sky-rocketing sales figures a testament to her talent; not relying on videos and costumes alone as lures, she instead relies on using unconventional methods in order to draw in audiences.

She’s a role model

Adele has served as an example for young people worldwide, particularly within the music industry. She exemplifies passion as key to success; her dedication to her craft makes a significant impactful statement about who she is and connects with her audience – her songs always full of emotion that make an unforgettable performance experience.

Adele has long been known for being an outspoken advocate for body positivity. She has inspired fans around the world to celebrate and embrace their own unique bodies with pride, thanks to her message of self-love and acceptance resonating with many individuals globally, helping change perceptions of women in music industry.

Her latest album, 25 is the highest-selling of all time and she has sold out stadiums worldwide in her live performances. She serves as an example for young musicians aspiring to pursue a music career; the impact she will leave on this industry will last well into the future.

She’s a superstar

Adele has amassed an exceptional team of talent around her, consisting of world-class producers and managers to keep her show on tour. As one of the biggest international superstars today, her fan base spans all corners of the planet.

She serves as an example for young girls everywhere with her unwavering honesty about fame’s perils and healthy dose of humility. Whether singing about personal heartache or venting against an ex-lover, her music remains raw and honest.

Singing with an unflinching honesty that’s reminiscent of Dionne Warwick and Lauryn Hill, she explores everyday struggle and triumph with unflinching honesty in songs that resonate across cultures worldwide. No wonder she has become such a household name; just look at Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album or Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The U.S.A for proof. Her most recent release ’25’ debuted as iTunes number one album sales record breaker around the globe!