Who is REZZ?

Who is REZZ

Who is Rezz?

Rezz is a Canadian DJ, songwriter and producer. She is from Niagara Falls, Ontario. After releasing her debut EP “Insurrection” and signing with an independent label. She has released two other EPs and one of them is called “Intense”. Her music is described as a blend of techno, pop, and house. There’s the reason Rezz was able gain a following so quickly.

Rezz was born Isabelle Rezazadeh on March 28, 1995 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She grew up in Canada and had an Iranian father and Ukrainian mother. She is active in the world of music for nearly two years, and has more than 630k Instagram followers. Her fans refer to her as “Space Mom”. She regularly takes her followers on virtual adventures and engages with them via social media. In short, Rezz has been a rising star to watch.

Rezz is an emcee and a DJ. She is also an artist and music producer. She is self-taught Ableton user and has completed online tutorials. Her debut album, ‘Insurrection’, came out in 2015. The album she released in 2017 “Mass Manipulation”, which won the Juno Award as Electronic Album of the year, came out. Her latest album “Beyond the Senses was released in July of 2018. The tour began in September 2018, which led her to a variety of venues. Rezz has now moved to the realm of indie music with her next album ‘Beyond The Spheres after a highly successful tour.

Rezz is a Canadian singer and artist. Her songs blend of electro, techno, and electronic. She is a massive fan of the ’80s and ’90s. She moved to the UK when she was a teenager , and found inspiration from the videos of Tiesto. Later, she went to a Hard Day of the Dead concert at Los Angeles where Deadmau5 was there as well as ‘Midnight” by Skrillex. She was working with the three artists to create her albums and she decided to release her brand new EP independently through Kobalt’s label division.

The stage name of the singer is “Rezz”. She is Ukrainian-born Canadian who was signed to the Deadmau5 record label in 2015. In 2017 she released her debut EP, “Insurrection,” which charted in the US. It reached the top twenty on the Billboard Dance Charts. Rezz’s debut EP was well-received and continues to gain in popularity. Rezz is gaining traction and her future plans look promising.

The rising star of electronic music, Rezz has become a famous and influential producer. Her first EP on Mau5trap charted in the United States, reaching the number 19 position on the Billboard Dance Charts. Its following reached nearly 100 million people in just two years. He has a significant impact on the industry of electronic music. So, if you’re a fan of EDM, make sure you take a look at her music.