Billy Joel and Sting Thrill a Sold-Out Crowd at Petco Park on Saturday Night

As Piano Man and Sting delighted a sold-out crowd at Petco Park Saturday evening despite raindrops falling, their performance left attendees in an upbeat mood.

Joel hosted his concert to mark the upcoming release of Storm Front, his 2024 album featuring guest appearance by The Police’s lead singer.

Sting was an ideal partner to collaborate on this song and match its classic crooner feel.

The show

Billy Joel has found new life after ditching studio music and reinventing himself as a touring artist, co-headlining concerts alongside Sting and ending his Madison Square Garden residency this summer.

Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium witnessed two rock and roll legends who seemed to enjoy exchanging the limelight. Sting was especially captivating on tracks such as “King of Pain” and “Fields of Gold”, while also drawing upon influences from reggae and jazz to deliver impressive fan favorites like these.

Joel began with an electric rendition of “Big Shot,” delivering all the rock and roll fire from its 1978 release. Joel and his band also performed flawless renditions of “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” and the always-requested “Piano Man.”

The songs

Sting’s consistent infusion of fresh energy into classic fan favorites like “Message in a Bottle,” “Brand New Day” and “Fields of Gold,” adding reggae, jazz and world influences without altering their essence, inspired Joel to extend various songs without overdoing it.

Joel’s first song from 1982’s “The Nylon Curtain” epitomizes his musical identity: it exemplifies his blue collar aesthetic with lyrics depicting unemployment lines and shuttered factories; an allegory for the economic turmoil plaguing steel belt cities at that time.

Joel at his most cynical in “My Life,” from 1977’s Cold Spring Harbor album. A punchy piano and drum combo punctuates its poignant tale of celebrity decline; Sting joined Joel onstage wearing an imitating Sinatra-esque suit and fedora for this powerful anthem.

The sound

Joel and Sting took to the stage for their one-night-only show, yet fans didn’t hesitate to sing along and dance. Both artists performed their individual sets while occasionally joining forces onstage for collaborations or duets.

Sting breathed new life into classic songs like “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take,” adding reggae, jazz, world music influences to fan favorites like Roxanne. He extended songs such as Message in a Bottle and Fields of Gold so as to build and release dynamic tension.

Joel also gave himself plenty of breathing room with a 24-song set that featured his hits as well as covers such as Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma.” To show his affection for New Yorkers in attendance, Joel pointed to landmarks such as Brooklyn Bridge and flashed screens with images of Statue of Liberty during a triumphant “New York State of Mind.” Halfway through, Sting returned as Frank Sinatra himself would have appeared – complete with suit and brim hat! In turn, this jazzy duet would close Big Man on Mulberry Street.

The vibe

On Saturday night at Petco Park, Sting and Joel were the star attractions. The audience sang along, danced together and even endured an April drizzle!

Sting, wearing his signature silver suit and black fedora, opened the show with his engaging jazz-influenced rendition of “Message in a Bottle,” adding new energy and depth to classics such as “Brand New Day,” ‘Fields of Gold” and “King of Pain” by expanding on their signature melodies.

Onstage, he enjoyed exchanging playful banter with both band and audience members alike, even inviting reggae icon Shaggy onto stage for an energetic rendition of “Englishman in New York.”

Billy Joel and Sting will continue co-headlining shows this year, including gigs in San Diego, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and San Antonio. However, Billy will also enjoy a busy solo schedule, with concerts featuring Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart as well as continuing his Madison Square Garden residency through July.