ENHYPEN Is Taking On Challenges With Grit and Grace

If you think K-pop boybands don’t belong outside South Korea, ENHYPEN stands as proof otherwise. Since their debut mini-album BORDER: DAY ONE almost two and a half years ago, this septet has quickly made itself known around the globe with subsequent releases like October’s Dimension: Answer (debuting at no.4 on Billboard 200) and their world tour which started last year – earning themselves a reputation for taking on challenges with grace and determination.

I-LAND was formed through Big Hit Entertainment subsidiary BE:LIFT Lab’s reality show I-LAND, in which 23 male idol trainees competed to debut as members of Big Hit’s main artist lineup. Following an intense series of episodes that some have likened to The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon Sunoo Jungwon Ni-ki were chosen as members for ENHYPEN to debut as ENHYPEN on November 30, 2020; its name meant that just like how different words came together to form new meaning so too will their members come together, discover each other and grow together.”

That mantra has carried over into their music; each EP that followed, such as BORDER: DAY ONE and CARNIVAL, demonstrated an ability to explore different genres while remaining faithful to their youthful sound. But it’s Dark Blood which stands out, showing a more reflective side through songs such as “Blessed-Cursed.”

ENHYPEN has long told an intricate narrative through their cinematic music videos and captivating concepts, creating an epic tale with each release of theirs. Beginning with their debut release Manifesto : Day 1, through their sold-out world tour and now their latest mini album Dark Blood, ENHYPEN stands firm as believers of amor fati: all events happening are predestined and they must accept this journey with grace.

ENHYPEN’s members, aged 19 to 21, pose in front of a white wall for their latest photoshoot. Heeseung, at 20, wears a light gray suit while Jay wears black tracksuit and Sunghoon wears white T-shirt with red hoodie for the shoot. Ni-ki, 19, Sunoo, 20, and Jungwon, all aged 20 are dressed in subdued yet striking ensembles that highlight their striking, yet natural features. Dark Blood’s music stands out against a stark white background, allowing their personalities and voices to speak for themselves. Each track in their catalogue tells its own narrative with distinct tones and emotions; with each release bringing closer the group towards reaching its full potential.