Garth Brooks and Billboard’s West Coast and Nashville Editor

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks of Goodlettsville, Tennessee has an ideal spot on his farm where he goes to compose songs or clear his mind. Driving there and lighting a fire, he takes in the scenery as his thoughts flow freely – “There are often answers out there; many things come into perspective.”

At one time, Garth Brooks claimed his goal was to become one of country music’s greatest entertainers – and he’s certainly on track. Alongside his two-year Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace and new Lower Broadway concert venue named in his honor, this Grand Ole Opry member is working on 14 studio albums while also debuting an all-new radio network through TuneIn this summer. To mark all these initiatives he joined Billboard West Coast and Nashville Editor Melinda Newman for an expansive 50-minute conversation covering his career history – as well as looking ahead into its future.

Newman and Brooks discussed his turbulent early days, from his failed first trip to Nashville that caused him to return home, all the way through meeting Trisha Yearwood for the first time and realizing making music would become his calling. They also spoke of Brooks’ eventual decision to pursue music full-time as his life’s mission.

Brooks’ debut album was both commercial and critical success, reaching No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on Top Country Albums chart, ultimately selling over 157 million copies and earning him 16 Grammy Awards – giving him the distinction of being America’s best-selling solo artist of all time! Additionally, in 2011 Brooks was honored by being inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Brooks also discussed his forthcoming music, his first since 2001’s Scarecrow album. They also discussed TuneIn’s launch of an all-country station called Rhythm & Roots; at Brooks’ next Las Vegas gig he hopes to “have some fun”.

Brooks will return to Caesars Palace Nov. 7 for a special free performance as part of the Limited Series at Friends in Low Places venue, as part of the Friends in Low Places venue and prepares to release Time Traveler, his 14th studio album, which is due out that day as well. On a recent episode of Jackin’ Around Sunny Sweeney talked about her first time witnessing Brooks perform back in the early 90s; Brooks could recall this date like it was yesterday – an example of his legendary memory that never fails him!