Matt Rife Gets Backlash For New Netflix Special

Matt Rife is an emerging comedian renowned for his TikTok following. However, his latest Netflix special has caused considerable outrage from viewers as it covers topics which may be offensive.

He is a regular at the world-famous Laugh Factory and has made appearances on Wild ‘N Out, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Fresh Off the Boat – not to mention producing his own comedy specials!

He is a comedian

Rife first rose to fame as a viral comedian via TikTok and other social media platforms, including YouTube and Overnight. Since then he has made guest appearances on several TV shows such as Wild ‘n Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a guest star as well as becoming an expert paranormal investigator on Overnight YouTube channel. Rife also performed regularly on comedy series Bring the Funny as well as creating his debut Netflix special Natural Selection which can now be streamed.

Natural Selection has generated controversy due to its regressive premise and jokes aimed at women, according to Indiana University junior Sasha Ramos of Ladies Night Comedy Group who feels Rife betrays his female audience through these jokes in Natural Selection.

Rife’s response to backlash has been to defend his set, asserting that critics lacked context or intent. At a 2021 panel discussion on cancel culture, Rife declared his ignorance regarding political debates surrounding his comedy as well as people “taking the internet as an avenue for revenge”. Additionally, he has defended comedians who face backlash by asserting they are too intelligent to apologize.

He is an actor

Rife’s ProbleMATTic World Tour continues to sell-out shows despite widespread criticism. He will appear at The Ryman in Nashville from June 6-9 and Orpheum Theatre Memphis on February 15. Recently he tweeted his excitement at seeing Nashville fans again!

Rife first gained widespread fame after videos of his crowd work (comedian-audience interactions in extended improv exchanges) went viral on TikTok, often featuring him providing cheeky relationship advice to women in his audience.

Rife self-released his first one-hour comedy special on YouTube in 2021 and the second this past April. Additionally, he’s appeared on MTV’s sketch comedy and improvisation game show series Wild ‘N Out as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fresh Off the Boat for sketch comedy and improv game show challenges, paranormal investigative channel Overnight on YouTube and is currently touring Mohegan Sun for five sold out tours.

He is a writer

Matt Rife, 28, has become an internet celebrity through TikTok with clips of his live comedy sets and audience interactions. Recently he released his Netflix special Natural Selection which has become immensely popular; however, its initial joke about domestic violence offended some viewers and caused widespread uproar online.

Sasha Ramos of Ladies Night Comedy created a social media account to call out Rife’s jokes as offensive and not funny, criticizing his special for making “regressive jokes about various groups,” suggesting they weren’t funny at all.

Natural Selection has proven a huge success for Rife despite any controversy it may have generated. It debuted in the top 10, where it has stayed for two weeks; Rife also performed nationwide during this tour and marked his arrival as a comedian on Netflix; this marks an exciting new pipeline from TikTok to Netflix; similar channels already exist for other genres.

He is a producer

Matt Rife’s new Netflix special, Natural Selection, has drawn criticism from his fans for opening with a joke about domestic violence. Rife stated he will continue saying what makes him laugh regardless of whether it offends others; such an approach to comedy may cause future disputes and can become dangerously controversial.

Rife shot to fame via TikTok, posting his standup routines that focus on “crowd work,” wherein comic interacts with audience members in extended improv exchanges. These videos have proven especially popular among female viewers.

Critics have strongly condemned him for betraying the fans that propelled his rise with jokes that pander to toxic masculinity and remain in the top 10 for two weeks despite either hate viewings or curious viewings.