Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has long been revered as an enchanting gathering place, enjoyed by musicians, hikers, families, rock climbers and concertgoers. A National Historic Landmark constructed of red sandstone, Red Rocks unites nature with architecture to provide an enchanting experience that is second to none.

People parking in the Top Circle Lot or arriving by limousines this year will notice changes at the venue.


Geologically formed amphitheatre rock formations provide exceptional natural acoustics; virtually any note, riff or lyric can be heard clearly with minimal sound amplification.

At Red Rocks Concert Venue, two stone monoliths known as Ship Rock and Creation Rock help facilitate sound transference effectively, according to Burke. Additionally, temperature, humidity and altitude all have an effect on how a show sounds at Red Rocks.

Morrison voters approved of a sound limit that restricts bass levels and overall average decibel levels for shows at Red Rocks amphitheater in 2015. Although some EDM acts may experience diminished sound quality as a result, experts note that it won’t impact fans’ experience of shows at the amphitheater.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado stands out amongst awe-inspiring rock formations as an exceptional venue. An open-air theater, it combines natural acoustic splendor with historic and cultural significance for an unparalleled experience.

From The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix to more contemporary acts, the venue has seen its fair share of musical talent over decades. Built with geological heritage in mind in the 1930s, its construction remains relevant today.

The rock formations at this venue are breathtaking and make an ideal backdrop to concerts. Additionally, its staircases are challenging enough to become an excellent fitness workout spot.


Red Rocks Park boasts more than just an amphitheatre; there are hiking and biking trails as well as yoga sessions throughout the day.

Under heavy rainfall conditions, water cascades down rock formations surrounding an amphitheater creating a stunning visual display that mesmerizes visitors. Furthermore, this rainwater can even be used for special events where pyrotechnic effects may be needed.

If you plan to sit outside the main amphitheater, remember to bring sunblock and a shade canopy for added protection from the sun. Blankets may be permitted but must not exceed 40″x 60″, nonalcoholic beverages in factory sealed plastic containers under 32oz are allowed, and dogs must remain on leashes within the concert area at all times.


Parking arrangements at Red Rocks Amphitheatre can be challenging, so arrive early to ensure you secure a space. Furthermore, knowing which lots offer various perks is also invaluable to helping make an informed decision about which to select.

Upper North Lot: This lot is popular among attendees for two reasons – proximity to venue entrance and driving through an exciting tunnel! However, please be mindful that this space fills quickly!

Lower North and Upper South Lots: These lots provide an exciting concert experience while adding some adventure. An uphill walk will be necessary after each performance, but will provide breathtaking views.

Food & Beverages

Be prepared for an energetic night of dancing and rocking out by starting dinner early. Golden, CO offers many top dining spots perfect for pre and post concert meals at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Concession stands throughout the amphitheatre offer a selection of food and drinks such as pizza, sandwiches, popcorn, chips and candy as well as beer, wine and hard seltzers.

At the top of the amphitheatre is the Ship Rock Grille – featuring dining with amphitheater or mountain views – wrapped around two giant boulders and providing panoramic dining opportunities. Morris & Mae Market also provides snacks and drinks.


Ten miles west of Denver lies an outstanding sandstone amphitheater which serves as an outdoor theater and music venue, featuring its natural setting with two towering monoliths, Ship Rock and Creation Rock, which provide it with an unmatched acoustic effect that draws millions of concertgoers every year.

The Cliffside Amphitheater’s famed staircases, which wind around rock formations, are popular with fitness enthusiasts seeking an intense workout. After heavy rainfall, however, some rocks form waterfall-like effects, further adding to its allure.

Natalie Ostberg of Pine has long enjoyed attending Red Rocks concerts at Morrison venue Red Rocks. Her favorites have included Earth, Wind & Fire, Cyndi Lauper and Arlo Guthrie; however, as someone living with cerebral palsy she’d like to see improvements made for accessibility at this Morrison location.