Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Springtime means it’s time to plan for summer concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This iconic concert venue boasts impeccable acoustics and breathtaking vistas – making Red Rocks Amphitheatre an ideal venue.

The park offers wonderful hiking trails and is a favorite weekend spot, here is all you need to know before your visit.

The History

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the world’s premier concert venues, hosting performances by legendary music artists like Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull (whose 1971 show caused fans to crash all over Morrison town centre and eventually led them being banned from performing there for years) and The Grateful Dead – to name but a few. This outdoor stage boasts impressive sandstone walls on either side that rise majestically up against each other to form its stage area.

Ship Rock and Creation Rock are two massive monolithic sandstone walls known as part of the Fountain Formation that emerged millions of years ago, giving rise to both Rocky Mountains and Garden of the Gods; both are iconic Colorado landmarks.

John Brisben Walker invited musicians to perform on a temporary platform nestled between Ship and Creation Rock as early as 1900, but it took decades before Denver finally purchased and transformed it into an official outdoor amphitheater, under park manager George Cranmer and architect Burnham Hoyt’s guidance. It took five years of hard labor through Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration programs (two Depression-era public work relief schemes) before it was complete.

The Venue

Rock formations in Northern California are famed for their world-renowned acoustics and have long been a top spot for musicians to perform and record concerts there – such as U2’s 1983 performance of Under a Blood Red Sky at Red Rock Canyon in Arizona.

Location is an impressive natural wonder that hosts concerts throughout the summer with an ever-evolving lineup. Many locals bring their kids up for shows, creating an energetic and lively environment. When entering, a walk is usually required before entering the venue, which helps loosen up crowds prior to concerts.

At this event, guests are expected to abide by all rules and respect other attendees, particularly those with sensory challenges or impairments. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited. Alcohol consumption and smoking is strictly forbidden. Most attendees park at the Upper North Parking lot because it’s closest to the entrance; this lot often fills quickly so it is wiser to arrive early as it fills early on! Other lots are available too but require longer walks.

The View

Red Rocks Park and its grounds provide more than just concerts framed by mountainous landscapes; there’s so much more. Challenge yourself on the amphitheater’s giant steps or hike Trading Post Trail for breathtaking views of canyons, pines, wildflowers and dinosaur fossils that surround Red Rocks. Or join up to 2,000 yoga practitioners every Saturday morning at Yoga on the Rocks!

Red Rocks’ unparalleled acoustics have long drawn musicians of every genre to its captivating acoustics. “Red Rocks is an absolutely natural amphitheater; its acoustically perfect,” according to Nick Stocchero, front-of-house engineer for Colorado band Big Head Todd & the Monsters. A good sound check using pink noise–which equalizes frequency across the octaves–at the amphitheater helps him customize their mix accordingly when performing at high elevation.

Visit the Red Rocks Visitor Center while in the area for educational displays, a short film, and Colorado Music Hall of Fame membership information. It is open from one hour prior to concert starts until one hour after showtime ends.

The Vibe

Red Rocks’ extraordinary acoustics and magical vibe have cemented its place as one of the premier music venues. Since The Beatles first outdoor concert and U2’s 1983 performance captured in a video, bands and fans from far and wide continue to visit this historic location for concerts, other events and other activities.

Early evening concerts are especially enchanting when set against a Colorado sunset’s mesmerizing background, creating a captivating and mesmerizing ambience which instantly draws audiences in and allows performers to find an instantaneous connection with their audiences. Many performers find that this natural spectacle becomes part of their performance experience, drawing them all together for an enthralled concert experience that often becomes unforgettable!

Make sure that Golden is part of your trip plans when visiting Denver, whether for concerts, hiking, biking or dining along the Front Range. Just a 15-minute drive from the amphitheater, this charming mountain town provides a rock and roll atmosphere with restaurants and breweries in a walkable historic district along Clear Creek.